My CPAP Care Pack




My CPAP Care Pack


This Care pack contains:



CPAPology EZ-Peazy CPAP Wipes are developed with natural ingredients like aloe vera to help provide an effective daily clea

ning of your CPAP mask and CPAP equipment. Avoid unpleasant odors and stains caused from a dirty CPAP mask. With 75 wipes in each canister, easily remove dirt and debris from your CPAP mask to give yourself a fresh start before each sleep.



  • Available in Unscented 
  • Easy to Use
  • 100% Cotton
  • Gentle on Mask
  • Aloe Enhanced
  • Biodegradable & Latex Free


CPAPology Monty Elite Premium CPAP Tube Brush Cleaner

  • Soft cotton tip and nylon bristles
  • Coated stainless steel construction is flexible yet sturdy
  • 7’ length coils for easy storage making it a great travel accessory
  • Thoughtfully designed to include soft bristles and a specific flexibility to provide an efficient cleaning without the worry of potential tube damage
  • Comes in 17mm diameter

CPAPology Black Knight GLO Protector Mat

The Ultimate Protector for CPAP

The Black Knight GLO can keep your CPAP machine in place with this cost-effective, non-slip silicone mat. A fantastic accessory that addresses common CPAP issues like: water spills, overheating, vibration and nightstand scratches.

Using the GLO light, night-time tasks like humidifier refills, mask adjustments and changing CPAP machine settings become easier with the push of a button.


  • Built-in GLO light helps with night-time humidifier top-ups and mask adjustments
  • Protects against scratches, overheating and water spills
  • Reduces noise and vibration
  • Helpful for changing CPAP machine settings in the middle of the night


CPAPology AeroMate Moisturizer & Mask Sealer

While today’s CPAP masks are made with very comfortable materials and are fitted for your individual needs by your CPAP provider, some CPAP users may find they are still susceptible to a couple of familiar complaints: mask leaks and skin irritation.

AeroMate Moisturizer and Mask Sealer helps to alleviate these concerns with its non-petroleum and aloe based formula by soothing sensitive skin while simultaneously sealing around the CPAP mask. AeroMate is also safe for use with oxygen, and can help reduce skin irritability from the use of nasal cannulas.


  • Made with aloe to smooth skin
  • Alleviates troublesome air leaks
  • Non-Petroleum based


CPAPology Joey CPAP Hose Cover

The Joey Hose Cover is a great solution to help prevent “rainout” in CPAP tubing. Often occurring when a heated humidifier is used, rainout is caused when the air travelling from the humidifier to the mask starts to cool and forms condensation inside the hose. Experiencing rainout is not a pleasant sensation; no one likes their face splattered with water during the night. The Joey Hose Cover helps to insulate the hose, and cuts down on this unpleasant sensation.

Joey’s comfy soft cover also feels so much better against the skin than the uneven surface of the CPAP hose and toggles at either end make it a “cinch” to tighten. It also looks great! No more unsightly hose.

CPAPology Joey CPAP Hose Cover


  • Soft brushed cotton material helps to reduce rainout, while increasing user comfort
  • Fits 72-78″ CPAP tubing
  • Toggles at both ends to make it a “cinch” to tighten
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